Generic HGH

Generic HGH

Generic HGH

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Pack size:10IU/Vial,100IU/Box

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Generic is OEM Products For kigtropin Customer.
1.Blue/Red/Yellow…It’s 12 TOP colors All.
2.4iu/8iu/10iu/20iu …
3.Lower price.
4.191 rHGH
Natural hGH has 191 amino acid residues. hGH made by genetic engineering has two types: those with 191 amino acids and those with 192 amino acids. Kigtropin® is the only 191AA hGH brand in Asia. Kigtropin® is the only officially approved hGH in Asia that are produced by its patented secretion technology to make it purely 191 amino acid hGH. Most of other Asia brands, although claim to be 191 amino acid hGH, in fact are still containing small amount of 192 amino acid hGH in there because of the technology they use.

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Top Color

blue top, red top

Pack Size

10IU/Vial,10Vial/Kit(Total 100IU), 20IU/Vial,10Vial/Kit(Total 200IU), 4IU/Vial,10Vial/Kit(Total 40IU)

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